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We partner with organizations to deliver the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) to our nation’s volunteers. As a participant with the PVSA, you will award your volunteers with one of the highest honors – presidential recognition. With that honor comes responsibility to your community, the nonprofit sector and the Office of the President of the United States. When you become an official, registered Certifying Organization, it is your duty not only to continue to promote service and encourage others to serve, but also extend your service-minded values and commit to following and upholding the criteria for participating with the PVSA program.

Certifying Organizations

A Certifying Organization is an entity that is approved to review, verify volunteer hours, confirm eligibility for the award and distribute the Presidents Volunteer Service Awards.

How to become a Certifying Organization

Step 1 – Organizations interested in participating with the PVSA program must first take a short e-course on the program. Once completed, you will receive a code to include as part of your application submission. No applications will be reviewed without a course completion code. The e-course is an annual requirement.

Step 2 – Complete the Certifying Organization application online.

Step 3-  Submit the application. All applicants are reviewed thoroughly with follow up sometimes required. Processing takes approximately 10-15 business days. You will receive an email notifying your organization of your status.  Please be sure to add to your contact information to ensure you receive all correspondence from our customer service team.

Who Can Become A Certifying Organization?
  1. Organizations must be legally established in the United States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or one of the territories, and must fall into one of these categories:
    1. Nonprofit or community-based organization
    2. Civic, fraternal or service group
    3. Faith-based institution
    4. Business
    5. School or institution of higher education
    6. National service program
    7. Membership or trade organization
    8. Federal, state or local government agency
    9. U.S. organization stationed outside of the U.S. ( i.e., military base)
  2. Organizations must either receive the benefit of the volunteer service or facilitate the service activities. An example of benefit of service is: a community food bank recognizing volunteers who support them in their work. An example of a facilitator of service is: a civic, fraternal or service group that organizes volunteer projects for its members in the community. 

Requirements to maintain status for a Certifying Organization
  1. Must be in compliance with all terms and conditions that govern the PVSA program.
  2. Recertify with the program annually, including confirming agreement to the PVSA terms and conditions.
  3. Maintaining current and up-to-date organization information with the PVSA program.
  4. Maintain an up-to-date database of all recipients that received the PVSA award along with date of award and level (bronze, silver, gold) of service.
  5. Must remain current with e-courses as required.
What roles do Certifying Organizations play?
  1. Certifying Organizations verify volunteer(s) has completed the number of service hours required to earn the award.
  2. Verify that all volunteers are United States citizens or are lawfully admitted permanent United States residents.
  3. Pay the nominal cost for the award package and its shipping.
  4. Receive and distribute the awards package to their volunteers.  
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