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A man sits solemnly on stairs outside and holds a sign that reads: Fight Poverty with Passion.

Participating in the President’s Volunteer Service Award program can be a rewarding experience – whether you are a volunteer or an organization recognizing those who serve. There are two ways to participate:


Provide service and get recognized by the organization for which you provided service. Click here to learn more.


Certifying organization: Usually a single location or one of multiple locations that handles program participation exclusively for their location. Responsibilities include placing the order, paying for merchandise and distributing awards. Click here to learn more.

Leadership organization: Usually a single corporate location with multiple regional, state or local affiliate business units. The central location coordinates ordering, purchasing and distributing a minimum of 1,000 awards per year with one central billing process. Click here to learn more.

Our shared mission to inspire service-driven leaders and volunteers ignites the power of PVSA.
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