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Effective June 1st, and until further notice, certificate packages will not include Presidential letters. Additonally, the Lifetime certificate will be printed without Presidential signature; this does not affect annual (bronze, silver, gold certificates) as the Presidential signature is only printed on Lifetime Awards. We will announce on our homepage when President Trump letters become available to include in award packages. All levels of certificates will remain available throughout the transition, however some pins, coins, and medallions may become temporarily out of stock as we manage inventory during the transition. Click here to read more about the impact of the Presidential transition on program operations.

Inventory availability is listed below; please review prior to placing an order. Be advised that while you can purchase items listed as "on order," doing so will delay your order from shipping until all items have arrived. Estimated restock dates are provided below.

Inventory Availability - Updated Daily

Item Availabiltiy
Annual Certificates Available
Lifetime Certificates Available without Presidential signature
Bronze Pin Available
Silver Pin Available
Gold Pin Available
Lifetime Pin Available
Bronze Coin Available
Silver Coin Available
Gold Coin Available
Lifetime Coin Available
Bronze Medallion Available
Silver Medallion Available
Gold Medallion Available



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