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Leadership Organizations

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Leadership Organizations (LOs) are typically the governing body or headquarters for a company or nonprofit and have multiple sub-organizations, business units or affiliates associated with them. Similar to a Certifying Organization (CO), they must adhere to the program criteria, confirm volunteer eligibility and conduct themselves according the terms and conditions that govern the program. The difference is that Leadership Organizations must commit to recognizing a minimum of 1,000 volunteers each year, agree to central billing and agree to promote the PVSA program through its communications channels. As a benefit, they have the opportunity to customize certificates for internal distribution and use on intranet sites, along with added value opportunities that may arise. Examples of LOs include Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Lockheed Martin Corporation.

How to become a leadership organization

There are three easy steps to apply for participation with the program:

  1. Take the short e-course on the program. Once completed, you will receive a code to include as part of your application submission. The e-course is an annual requirement.
  2. Complete and submit the leadership organization application online.
  3. Once submitted, all applications are reviewed thoroughly with follow up sometimes required. Processing takes approximately 10-15 business days. You will receive an email notifying your organization of your status. Please be sure to add your email address to your contact information to ensure you receive all correspondence from our customer service team.

Who can become a leadership organization?

  • Leadership organizations must represent the corporate/central governing body for national representation and fall into one of these categories: nonprofit; community or faith-based organization; business; school or college; national service program; civic, fraternal or service organization; membership or trade association; or federal, state or local government agency.
  • Certifying organizations must:
    • Adhere to the terms and conditions of the President’s Volunteer Service Award and the program agreement
    • Be legally established in the U.S., Commonwealth, Puerto Rico or a U.S. territory
  • Leadership organizations must either receive the benefit of the volunteer service or facilitate the service activities

Here's what we ask of you:

  • Verify volunteer hours required to earn award.
  • Verify volunteers are U.S. citizens or lawfully admitted permanent U.S. residents.
  • Pay nominal cost of PVSA awards, including shipping.
  • Receive and distribute the awards package to volunteers.
  • Recruit local chapters, affiliates or organizations to participate as part of your corporate involvement.
  • Promote and endorse PVSA via internal and external publications, special events, media, website and other communication vehicles.
  • Commit to issuing 1,000 PVSAs each year.

Requirements to maintain status for a Leadership organization

  • Must be in compliance with all terms and conditions that govern the PVSA program.
  • Recertify with the program annually including confirming agreement with the PVSA terms and conditions.
  • Maintain current organizational information with the PVSA program.
  • Maintain an up-to-date database of all recipients that received the PVSA award along with date of award and level (bronze, silver, gold) of service.
  • Must remain current with e-courses as required.

You aren’t in this alone. Once you join our efforts to celebrate volunteers, we’re there to help by:

  • Promoting PVSA program via media outreach
  • Supplying customizable collateral and promotional materials to raise awareness

Ready to take the plunge? Click here to begin step one. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email confirmation and be asked to complete your profile and organization information.

If you have more questions, please contact us at 866-545-5307 or contact us online.

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