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President's Volunteer Service Award Announcements

Welcome to the home of the President's Volunteer Service Award. Over the past couple of years, our team has invested in an improved experience for our participants through launching a new website to streamline award ordering.  Program and site updates are highlighted below, and we encourage you to sign up for updates so we can keep you informed about the program's evolution, share stories to inspire, and connect you with resources for increasing your impact.  

What's New

A young teacher helps a little girl read a book.

2017 MLK Drum Majors

Each year, we present special awards in conjunction with the MLK Day of Service. The 2017 awards are the last chance to honor your Drum Majors for Service wtih commendation from President Obama, who has made the MLK Day of Service a hallmark of his Presidency. 

Lifetime Coin

Lifetime Achievement Coin

Our newly released Lifetime Achiviement Award Coin is available as part of a complete package with certificate or as a standalone piece. Learn more here

Mother assists her son planting vegetables at a local garden.

Volunteer Stories

Has the President's Volunteer Service Award inspired you to invest even more in your community? For Certifying Organizations, what's been the impact of participation? Share your story using the link in your profile.  

Elderly service man kisses his young granddaughter.


In response to helpful feedback from Certifying Organizations, we're excited to announce the release of our User Guide for Participating Organizations, available here and within the Resources tab of your profile. 

Our shared mission to inspire service-driven leaders and volunteers ignites the power of PVSA.
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