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Volunteer Registration with PVSA

Welcome to the President’s Volunteer Service Award program. We look forward to helping you with your service journey and ultimately to be recognized with the PVSA. To begin, you will need to complete this application to set up your profile. All information in the application must be completed in order for your submission to be complete.

Please add email address book to confirm you will receive your confirmation and important information on the PVSA program. Your email address is only used because it is the best way for you to sign in with a unique identity that’s easy to remember. No- email will be sent to you unless you ask for it. We do not share email addresses with third parties, other than to manage our database. Please see our privacy and security information.

Important information

The President’s Volunteer Service Award program holds participating volunteers in the highest esteem and expects them to adhere to all criteria and protocol outlined in the Terms and Conditions. The PVSA administration team does reserve the right to terminate participants for inappropriate circumstances as determined by PVSA sole discretion.

Complete the form to register as volunteer in PVSA

Notice: If you are 14 years of age or younger you must have parent/guardian consent to set up your profile.


Please share with us your service focus area of interest. Below you will find a list of key focus areas to the nation. Please let us know if your interest falls within any of these areas by indicating your primary focus and you up to 2 additional secondary focuses from the list.

– Provide services that help children and youth achieve success and increase high school graduation.
– Provide services such as access to health care, disease prevention and health promotion initiatives and health literacy
– Provide energy efficiency and other environmental conservation or restoration services within the communities.
– Provide services to veterans, members of the armed forces who are in the active duty, and family members of deployed military personnel and/or engage veterans in service.
– Provide services related to economic opportunity for economically disadvantaged individuals within communities including financial literacy, housing assistance, job training and nutritional assistance.
– Build the capacity of individuals, organizations and communities to help prepare for, respond to, recover from and mitigate disasters and increase community resiliency.


Opt-in Preferences

Points of Light is a leading volunteer service organization and are the administrator of the President’s Volunteers Service Award program for the Corporation for National and Community Service. As a leading organization in the industry, we have our finger on events, activities and thought leadership opportunities you may be interested in. Please check the box below for the appropriate information you would be interested in receiving.

Our shared mission to inspire service-driven leaders and volunteers ignites the power of PVSA.
Corporation for National & Community Service Points of Light