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Program Announcement: Presidential Transition

As has been customary in previous administration transitions, the Presidential Volunteer Service Award presidential letters do not immediately change at the beginning of a new administration since volunteer hours are earned over the course of a year. Continuing with that custom, orders through May 31st contain letters signed by President Obama.

Effective June 1st, and until further notice, certificate packages will not include Presidential letters. We will announce on our website ( when new letters signed by President Trump become available to include in award packages. All levels of certificates and in-stock award pieces will remain available throughout the transition.

Please note that, effective June 1st, Lifetime Awards will be printed without a Presidential signature—as is the case for current bronze, silver, and gold awards.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   When do I need to place an order to get a letter or Lifetime Achievement Award signed by President Obama?
A:   Orders must be placed no later than May 31, 2017. For orders placed on or after June 1st, certificate packages will exclude letters, and Lifetime Achievement Awards will not feature the Presidential signature. Please note that the annual awards (bronze, silver, and gold) are unaffected as only the Lifetime Achievement Award certificates feature signatures.

Q:   I don’t want to get my volunteer awards that come without a letter. What are my options?
A:   You can order single award pieces, such as pins, coins, and medallions, as stock permits, or you can wait to order until the new awards with President Trump’s signature are available. Please check our homepage for updates.

Q:   Why is my ordered delayed? Will I receive awards in time for my ceremony?
A:   Production time has temporarily slowed due to staffing and inventory issues related to the program’s administrative transition. We apologize if you are impacted, and are focusing our resources to help Certifying Organizations in this position, but have limited ability to change order production timing as fulfilling these requests then pushes back delivery dates for others.

Q:   If I order awards now, will I receive letters signed by President Trump when they become available?
A:   It is our goal to send Presidential letters for all orders placed during the transitional period, but we do not know when that will be. Accordingly, if it is very important to you or your volunteers that they receive letters from President Trump, we ask you to wait and order after we announce the new letters are available.

Q:   Are any items unavailable?
A:   All award pieces have been fully restocked! Thank you for your patience during this tranistion. 


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