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The President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes the importance volunteers have every day. Due to programmatic changes, volunteers will no longer be able to track hours or complete an application on the President’s Volunteer Service Award website. All hours must be managed and input by the certifying or leadership organization. Please be advised the new changes are effective on, Monday, March 4, 2019.


  • Awards are issued by an approved Certifying Organization. If you're not sure whether the organization that receives or facilitates your volunteer service is a Certifying Organization, please speak with your volunteer coordinator. 
  • Recipients must be a United States citizen or a lawfully admitted permanent resident of the United States.
  • Awards are issued for service hours served within a 12-month time period (bronze, silver, or gold) or over the course of a lifetime (Lifetime Achievement).
  • Awards are issued for volunteer service only. The Award may not be used to recognize other contributions (e.g., charitable donations).
  • Court-ordered community service does not qualify for the Award.
  • Service must be with a Certifying Organization that is legally established in the United States and its territories, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or on overseas military bases.
Volunteers equipped with hard hats and tool belts work together to construct one of the walls for a house-build project.

Connecting with a Certifying Organization

The first step in getting a President’s Volunteer Service Award is to connect with an active Certifying Organization. Per our Terms and Conditions, only authorized representatives of Certifying Organizations may pay for and order President’s Volunteer Service Award pieces to recognize volunteers.

If you're currently volunteering in your community, please speak to your volunteer coordinator today to encourage your organization to participate as a Certifying Organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award. More information is available under the "Get Involved" tab online, and most organizations that are U.S.-based and receive or facilitate volunteer service are eligible to apply. We'd love to work with your organization to recognize the volunteers like you who are central to its mission!

If you're looking for volunteer opportunities near you, please visit:

When determining whether a volunteer opportunity is a good fit for your skills and interests, be sure to ask the volunteer coordinator whether they are a Certifying Organization actively participating in PVSA. If they're not, encourage them to apply today

Creating a Volunteer Account

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Register and complete a profile to let us know a little bit about you.
  2. Request the ROS key from your Certifying Organization to link your profile.
  3. Record your volunteer hours and activities to track your progress towards a bronze, silver, gold, or Lifetime Achievement President's Volunteer Service Awad.

If the organization you worked with is not an approved certifying organization, invite them to apply here.

Get started now and register with PVSA

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