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Individuals Making a Difference

AmeriCorps Alums - Lifetime Awards

Celebrating the Millionth AmeriCorps Member this October

On October 7, 2016, AmeriCorps celebrated its one millionth member. AmeriCorps, a national service program founded in 1994, engages more than 75,000 Americans each year in intensive service at nonprofits, schools, public agencies, and community and faith-based groups across the country. AmeriCorps alumni, as well as participants in other national service programs (Senior Corps and Peace Corps) may count their hours towards a Lifetime Achievement Award.

We're thrilled to share the story of one such honoree, Janet Hertz, whose AmeriCorps experience has blossomed into a lifetime commitment to service. An experpt of her interview with AmeriCorps Alums is provided here, and for the full story, please visit the AmeriCorps Alums blog.

Janet, in her own words, sharing her service story and the leadership skills she developed: 

My domestic service work with AmeriCorps spans a pair of service terms eight years apart. In 2007, I served with AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC). I was based in the Western Region in Sacramento, California. My first two spikes were in Louisiana following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita as a construction site volunteer manager rebuilding houses into homes. My third spike was serving in New Orleans as a health, information, and technology center instructor in the ninth ward in partnership with Xavier University. My last project with NCCC was in Crown King, Arizona as a wild land firefighter and Emergency Medicine Services (EMS) first responder, as I was on a fire team with NCCC.

My second AmeriCorps service term commenced in September of 2015 at Youth Villages Inner Harbour Campus in Georgia. During this service term, I was an academic and life skills tutor for high school youth residing at a psychiatric treatment facility. I planned and implemented community events, after school programming, and a service learning project. Through my service learning project, I was able to teach my students about global human rights issues through the beautiful game, soccer. We built a soccer field, painted a mural, and knitted hats (which we sold and donated the money to a nonprofit to hand deliver soccer balls to third world nations).

Through my pair of AmeriCorps service chapters, I developed and expanded my leadership and many career skill sets.

Continue reading Janet's interview here on the AmeriCorps Alum blog. To learn more about AmeriCorps and explore national service opportnities, please visit



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