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Individuals Making a Difference

Entrepreneur Employs the Power of Technology to Detect and Prevent Child Abuse

Lifetime Honoree Carly Yoost Received $35,000 from L'Oreal to Grow Her Work

Through L'Oreal's Women of Worth program, 10 women receive $10,000 grants and publicity support to grow their organizations, and one National Honoree, selected by online voters, receives an additional $25,000 grant.

Read about 2016 National Honoree Carly Yoost below, and if you know a woman making a huge impact through her service, click here to nominate her as a 2017 L'Oreal Woman of Worth. Nominations close May 8th.

“We exist for one simple, critical reason,” said Carly Yoost, a dynamic entrepreneur who worked fearlessly to co-create the Child Rescue Coalition. “To protect children from sexual abuse and emotional suffering, and rescue them from harm’s way.”

Looking at a pin map from the Child Rescue Coalition is alarming. Thousands of virtual pins dot an international map identifying locales where child pornography is, at that very moment, being viewed and traded by sexual predators. Robust technology developed by the CRC in Boca Raton, Florida, is allowing law enforcement to track predators, monitor their activities, thwart potential assaults, and make important arrests. In the last three years, the data provided by the CRC has led to the arrest of 7,776 child predators and the rescue of 1,788 children who were targets of potential sexual attacks.

Yoost is the former co-CEO of TLO, LLC, a data solutions provider founded by her father that specializes in investigative and risk management tools and child protection technology. After their father’s passing in 2013, Yoost and her sister kept ownership of the child protection technology portion of the company and founded the nonprofit Child Rescue Coalition to continue their father’s legacy of protecting children. Yoost serves as the full-time CEO for no pay.

At the core of the program is leading-edge technology that identifies, monitors, and ranks the online criminal behavior of child predators on file sharing and chat networks. “We compile and curate millions of records that are indexed and immediately retrievable by police 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year,” said Yoost. “We are rigorous in our efforts to ensure that our data is accurate and irrefutable.”

Approximately 44 million viewers of child pornography are currently being tracked by CRC, which has provided technology to participating law enforcement agencies in all 50 states and 63 nations worldwide.

CRC partners with child exploitation investigators, police officers, digital forensic experts, prosecutors, child welfare agencies, and corporate and private philanthropy. Providing this technology free of charge, Yoost and CRC have trained more than 8,000 law enforcement officials worldwide so that perpetrators can be apprehended before they harm their next victims. Continue reading about Carly Yoost's work at Points of Light.


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